Hospitality concept & design services. Start with the right vision.

The first steps are essential. And this is especially true for the hospitality industry where the initial investments are considerable. So coming up with a brilliant concept and communicating it through quality design could mean the difference between success and failure. Gilor Global Hospitality offers leading concept & design services for hotels and restaurants worldwide. Our team of experts will create the entire concept based on the principles of enduring profitability and superior customer experience. And then will translate everything into design that can be easily executed.

Concept & Design services for hotels. Accommodating all the details.

Developing a new hotel is no easy feat.  There are so many aspects to consider and budget for.  What makes it even more difficult is that every decision – regardless how small – has a powerful long-term impact. Thus finding the right concept matched by the right vision is paramount.  This can be achieved only by forgetting about personal egos, be it the egos of the owner or architect, and consider only the customer perspec… [...]

Concept & Design services for restaurants. Always excitingly fresh ideas.

Nowadays more and more people around the world dine outdoors almost on a daily basis.  Many have acquired a sophisticated taste, so the demand for high quality dishes, great presentation, outstanding service and amazing restaurant design is ever increasing.  The times when restaurants made to match ethnic cuisine have long passed.  Now the customer wants something exciting every day. And that’s exactly what our concept &… [...]