Concept & Design services for hotels. Accommodating all the details.

Developing a new hotel is no easy feat.  There are so many aspects to consider and budget for.  What makes it even more difficult is that every decision – regardless how small – has a powerful long-term impact. Thus finding the right concept matched by the right vision is paramount.  This can be achieved only by forgetting about personal egos, be it the egos of the owner or architect, and consider only the customer perspective. GGH concept & design services for hotels are offering the right perspective and the right concepts for new hotels worldwide.

First, our experienced hospitality specialists will do a thorough research and propose several concept options with all the data and advice you will need to take an informed decision. Once a concept has been selected, a 3D high quality rendering will be produced.  This will serve as a basis for creating detailed interior and exterior designs to ensure the shortest and less expensive execution period.

GGH masters the art of consummate hotel design achieving each time a perfect balance between efficiency and high aesthetic principles.  Thus the end-customer will get a beautiful and memorable experience, while the hotel operates within the available space at maximum productivity.

We offer you these professional hotel concept & design services and more:

  • Feasibility and in-depth marketing research (required for financing)
  • At least two different exterior building appearances
  • 3D illustrations and renderings
  • General layouts
  • Detailed design (structural, building and interior design)
  • Tender and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) documentations