Hospitality Consulting Services. From the best, for the best

The hospitality business faces continuous changes leaving no room for capital mistakes.  Especially, if it is positioned in the segment of world-class, high-end hospitality services.  That is why you should always consider the need of professional consultancy.  And whether you own a hotel or a restaurant, our top hospitality consultants aim for support to turn the shifting trends of hospitality to business advantages. 

Hotel Consultancy. Making room for higher profits.

There’s always a need for an objective hotel business analysis when your profits are at stake.  And our senior experts will give a professional and detailed report backed up by more than joint 50 years of outstanding consultancy services for hotels all over the world.  Further more, we can step in and help you increase even more the profitability of your establishment.  And don’t worry if your hotel is under independent ma… [...]

Restaurant Consultancy. Serving up success stories.

The restaurant business is maybe one of the most delicate types of businesses in the hospitality industry.  A restaurant can quickly turn from star to a general disappointment – for clients, employees and owners alike.  GGH, offering expert consultancy services for restaurants, recognizes immediately your restaurant's potential.  And whether it is an independent business or an integrated part of a hotel service, we make sure… [...]