Spa & fitness center development services. The perfect fit for your hotel.

The number of hotels including in their facilities spa or fitness centers is increasing day by day, thus the necessity to offer competitive services of this kind. We provide hotel spa development services and hotel fitness center development services and we make sure they meet your standards and the ones of your clients. We use our knowledge and experience to get your spa or fitness facility into shape with state of the art equipment and highly qualified staff. And because there's more to the health facilities sector than just spas and fitness centers, we can also help you shape up squash courts, swimming pools, saunas, aerobic and work out rooms or organic juice bars.

We offer you these professional spa & fitness center development services and more:

  • Either a branded Spa & Fitness Center, or
  • Self-managed Spa & Fitness Center
  • Concept design adjusted to your designated and allocated area
  • Detailed design and 3D illustration
  • Tender and Bill of Quantities documentation
  • Construction or construction supervision