Hotel & Restaurant Execution. Building good hospitality businesses.

GGH has the expertise and manpower to bring your project up, from zero to profit. We can develop your hotel or restaurant from just an idea and then provide it with the latest equipment or we can just improve your existing services and location. Our team of experts is by your side throughout the whole project. From planning and building, all the way to choosing your staff and your menus, we're here to offer support and ensure that the execution process goes smoothly. 

Hotel Execution. Custom built for higher profits.

GGH puts together a team of experts with international experience ready to support you in building your hotel from the very beginning. In Europe, our architects, engineers and designers build mixed-use hotels, with complex underground works and state-of-the-art mechanical installations. Meanwhile, our partners and associates are involved in the supervision and management of high-end hotels in Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim and the USA. Ou… [...]

Restaurant Execution. Building by the right recipe.

New restaurants or old venues. Self standing or hotel owned. Coffee shops or Steak Houses. We keep a full plate developing all sorts of restaurants and we make sure each and every one of them is a success. We work with owners, developers and investors to improve the quality of their services and increase their ROI. GGH experts can support you rebuild your existing restaurant or build a brand new one. Also, they can help you choose your menu, train … [...]